Inspection and quotation service using underwater photos and video to identify amount of cleaning required

Pricing is the tough part, as a boat owner you are aware of the different grades of "growth" you can collect under the waterline, this is why we give a "general" price guide as follows..

Any boat up to 33 foot/10 meters, (100 euros) Every extra 3 feet/1 meter after that, (10 euros pm)

Propellers and shafts take along time to do properly, with hours of close attention to detail, this is why we price these on a different scale, These are done by the hour at 40 euros per hour, this is for a full polish where we remove any growth and return the props/ shaft to their original state, we appreciate that some props are painted and do not require a polish, so the price can then be discussed with yourselves depending on the time taken.If just the propellers shafts and rudder need doing we work on a 50 Euro an hour basis, this also depends on the size of boat. However there is a minimum fee of 80 euros regardless of size, for example, if the work on the props and shaft only took an hour it would cost 80 Euros, if it took 2 hours it would cost 130 Euros and so on.

All costs cover our cylinder rentals, transport, and two divers, PLEASE NOTE: you may find slightly cheaper, however, your boat is your life and if you pay peanuts you will get monkeys...